Piano Lessons

My teaching philosophy is centered around two concepts...

Learning to play a musical instrument is vital for a complete education.
Most people are aware of the short term rewards associated with being able to play an instrument. However, many other important skills are highlighted throughout music study. You learn that there truly is a direct correlation between discipline and attaining goals, you sharpen your ability to see details, and you garner confidence through public performance.

Everyone is unique.
Therefore, everyone has a slightly different way of learning. Through patience and the formation of a personal relationship between teacher and student, I am able to adapt to a style that best suits the student.

With these two concepts in mind, we will study....

  • How to read music.
  • How to play the music that you like.
  • Music theory.
  • Proper technique.
  • How to play chords.

Location of Lessons

Lessons will be held at my piano studio in Nørrebro or at the home of the student.


Lesson duration Individual lesson fee
45 minute lesson kr. 250,-

If you choose to have lessons at your home, there may be an additional transportation charge depending on your location.

Instruction Language

Lessons will be given in English.


Students are expected to practice regularly in order to progress with their studies.

Lesson Schedule and Payment

Students will have one lesson per week on a day and time agreed upon by teacher and student. After the first trial lesson, payment for one month's lessons must be paid in full at the first lesson of the month.

If a student needs to cancel a previously agreed upon lesson and wishes to reschedule, one weeks notice must be given. Otherwise, the teacher has no obligation to reschedule this lesson. Missed or cancelled lessons will not be refunded. If the teacher must cancel a lesson, it will either be rescheduled at a later date or refunded.